Why is it justified to not let Pakistanis work in India !

As the tension is growing between India and Pakistan after Uri attack. India has banned Pakistani actors , singers and technicians from working in Bollywood. This led to outrage by some Bollywood actors and left liberals. According to them , there should be no Regional boundaries for talent and art. So , it is important to know  why is it justified to not let Pakistanis work in India.


First of all, The Partition of India was based on two nation theory.The two-nation theory was introduced by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who is founder of Pakistan,  during 1930s to divide India. According to Jinnah’s theory , Muslims would not be given same opportunities as Hindus in united India. Muslims would be oppressed.Separate country for sub-continent Muslims should be created. In short ,in 1947, Pakistanis did not want to co-exist and co-work with us.

It’s 2016 . Pakistanis come India to act and sing in Indian movies. scholars from prestigious Pakistani universities like LUMS work here in TCS. They come India for  medical treatments. When they had to come India for all these purposes , why did they create Pakistan ?

If Pakistanis artists debunk this concept that Muslims are not given same opportunities as Hindus, criticize Jinnah and his theory and publicly assert that two nation theory is not justified because we work here in India like any other Hindu actors and singers , then only  Pakistanis should be allowed in India . Pakistani actors will never criticize Jinnah and His two nation theory because two nation theory is to Pakistan what column or pillar is to any Building.  Buiding can not stand without Column or pillar.Pakistanis, who believe in two nation  theory, should not come to India. they should stick to their ideology.

Some percentage of  Money that Pakistanis earn in India is paid to Pakistani Government as Taxes. Pakistan is a rogue state and it nourish , Harbour and finance terrorists. Should we Indirectly pay Indian money to Terrorists and for Bullets that Hit Our soldiers guarding our Borders ? So it is in the national security interests of India to check and curb any suspicious activity by such a hostile state. Barring Artists is India’s steps to culturally isolate Pakistan.If India can not Utilize it’s all tools to isolate Pakistan by itself then how can she convince global players to do?


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